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Welcome to Sadat Composite Knit Ind. LTD.

Factory: Sinabah, Mouchak, Shafipur, Kaliakoir, Gazipur

Initially we started our business with manufacturing ready made garments for export. But we ultimatel understand that as per global demand of quality assured ready made garments dyeing is one of the mo~ important and vital part of the RMG sector. Therefore in view of above we started the operation of our dyein unit from the year of 1994. For keeping our environment free from all types of pollution we setup a moder and effective ETP plant in our dyeing unit. Furthermore we would like to setup a most modern dyeing factor with bigger capacity shortly. However, we are very much sensitive and careful to enviroment.


Company at a Glance

Brand Origin Capacity High/Normal Pressure Quentity
DONG-A South Korea 900kg/600kg/100kg Hi-Temp. & Hi-press 1X3=3 sets
TUNGSHING China (HK based) 1000kg/750kg/500kg/250kg Atmospheric 1X4=4 sets
TUNGSHING China (HK based) 50kg sample Atmospheric 2 sets
TUNGSHING China (HK based) 280kg/50kg Hi-Temp. & Hi-press 1X2=2 sets
Total 4,480kg/batch   11 Sets

Laboratory Equipment

Item/Particulars Origin Quantity
Normal Temp. Lab Dip 12 Color T.Shing, China 1 Set
High Temp. Lab Dip 12 Color T.Shing, China 1 Set
Spectrophotometer S. Korea 1 Set
Lab. Squeezer S. Korea 1 Set
Day Light Box S. Korea 1 Set
Washing m/c S. Korea 1 Set
Dryer S. Korea 1 Set

Finishing Machines

Particulars Band & Origin Capacity Quantity
Squeezer with Double padder & Chemical tank ASKME, Taiwan 8-10 Ton O1 Set
Tensionless Relax Dryer(Gas) 4 Chamber ASKME, Taiwan 8-10 Ton O1 Set
Compactor TUBETEX, USA 7-8 Ton O1 Set
Soft Calendering DONGNAM, kOREA 4-6 Ton O1 Set
Heat Setting machine ASKME, Taiwan 4-6 Ton  O1 Set
Air Turning machine DONGNAM, kOREA 8-12 Ton  O1 Set